Francesca Farago Is An Instagram Influencer to Watch


One look at Francesca Farago and you’ll agree. She inspires greatness with her beauty and sex appeal. Queen Frankie’s amazing looks have attracted nearly 300K followers on Instagram. F&TS is planning a trip to Canada to perform a more in-depth study of our neighbors to the north. Politics in the U.S. are so bad, we need to run for the border. If all Canadian women look like Farago, we will leave tomorrow. Here are our choices of the hottest Francesca Farago Instagram pics we can find.

Farago is a globe-trotting phenomenon.

“Frankie” is an IRL Mystery

We’ve been looking for more information on Farago for weeks. Unfortunately, Farago keeps the details of her personal life, private. We learned Frankie graduated from Ottawa’s Carleton University in 2015. Farago has great taste in schools. Carlton University balls out on the court. Their men’s basketball team is one of the best squads north of the border. The Carleton Ravens have won 10 championships and tend to blow out opponents by 50 points plus. Farago isn’t on the team, but we’re sure she’s was an athletic supporter. We know, bad joke. Farago makes news and headlines wherever she goes. It must be the education she received in college. Carleton’s School of Journalism and Communications is one of the most prestigious journalism schools in Canada. It’s the alma mater of the late Peter Jennings of ABC’s World News Tonight.

Working for a Living

When she’s not studying or in class, Farago is a mixologist. We support her love and appreciation of wine and spirits. Webb is one of the hottest and most popular bartenders at Mansion Nightclub in Ottawa. The line for drinks prepared by Farago must extend out the door.

Farago’s Model Looks

Farago’s modeling portfolio includes features in theChive and Barstool Smokeshows. She’s is a sports fan too. Farago has been photographed wearing a black LA Dodgers cap and a Toronto Raptors jersey. The Canadian globetrotter enjoys traveling to exotic cities like Sydney, Paris, and Las Vegas. If anyone has great anecdotes about Farago, leave us a comment. Farago can be found on Twitter, Snapchat, and more of her hottest pics can be found on Instagram. As always, we wish her all the best in her future endeavors and projects. She isn’t a hoser. Ladies if your portfolio can compete with the hottest Instagram pics of Francesca Farago, let us know. We want to feature you here. Send us your pics and email us @ First & Ten Sports.