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Hip Hop Model Ali Milan Leaves Us Speechless

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Ali Milan won our Money Maker Monday (MMM) competition in our Fantasy Football league. General Manager Josh’s winning streak ended, but the loss gave him an excuse to change his team ambassador for the week. Well done sir. Hip Hop model Ali Milan is so fine, she leaves us speechless. We would love to give you more details about her, but our research has come up empty. If anyone has more details about this curvaceous queen, please let us know.


Money Maker Feature

The FT&S Money Maker feature is one of the most popular features on our site. The way it works is that the members of our Fantasy Football league select the image of a female, model, celebrity, or regular women to serve as their official team ambassador of the week. After the weekend slate of football games, the editorial staff evaluates the team ambassador images and selects the winning image. The criteria for winning is highly advanced. It’s a combination of the most beautiful photo and the creativity behind the selection. For example, did the GM win the competition before? Is the GM bringing a new celebrity, personality, or model to our group’s attention? Anyone can google beautiful women and select a picture. We want to select someone out of the box, with a story to tell. It also helps if the female has some sort of connection to sports. We want to show that women are more than just their assets. They have depth.



Milan is a Mystery

It’s a shame we don’t know more about hip hop model Ali Milan. We’re sure she has some stories to tell, such as which rappers have slid into her direct messages on social media. But we’d also like to know her aspirations, how she was discovered and if she can actually ‘play ball’ in stiletto heels? We imagine it’s very tough, but more power to her.

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