Fake Spike 2.0–Aaron Rodgers Does His Best Dan Marino Impersonation


Aaron Rodgers is winning on the NFL football field and in life. Not only is he in a relationship with Olivia Munn but against the very team synonymous with the fake spike, Rodgers ran his own version of the play. During Sunday’s game against the Miami Dolphins, the Green Bay Packers were trailing 24-20 with less than a minute in the game. A Rodgers completion to Randall Cobb left the Packers with no timeouts and less than 30 seconds remaining in the game. The Packers’ only option was to spike the ball to stop the clock and try to get in the endzone. Aaron Rodgers rushed up to the line, but instead of killing the clock, he faked and completed a pass to rookie wide receiver Davante Adams for twelve yards. One play later, Rodgers connected with tight end Andrew Quarless for the game-winning touchdown. Thanks to Fake Spike 2.0, Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers defeated Miami 27-24.

The 11-play, 60-yard march started with Green Bay trailing 24-20 with a little more than two minutes left, and it took all of Rodgers’ talent and daring to get the Packers into the endzone. The Dolphins (2-3) got a strong second-half effort from quarterback Ryan Tannehill. Tannehill shook off a poor first half to finish with 244 yards and a pair of touchdowns. But the Packers, led by Rodgers, would wear down Miami in the final strides.

Courtesy of SB Nation.

The Original Fake Spike

If you weren’t alive in 1994 or have lost too many brain cells during the 1990s, Miami Dolphins Dan Marino ran the “fake spike” to defeat the New York Jets 28-24. Trailing 24–21 with 38 seconds left, the Dolphins had the ball at the Jets’ 8-yard line with only one timeout. Marino nodded to Dolphins wide receiver Mark Ingram and yelled “Clock! Clock! Clock!” and motioned that he was going to spike the ball. The dopey New York Jets defense relaxed. Marino took the snap and threw a pass to Ingram in the corner of the end zone. Game over, the Miami Dolphins won.


The play cemented the Jets’ hatred of Marino forever. Plus, it capped off a spectacular four-touchdown afternoon for Marino and Mark Ingram. Rodgers did Marino proud. Although we’re pretty sure the Hall of Fame QB isn’t happy that Aaron Rodgers Fake Spike 2.0 came at his team’s expense.