Year in Review: Eight Most Popular Featured Models of 2015


From start to finish, we had no idea what F&TS would become. We started this site as a creative exercise, from a passing conversation with a fellow fantasy football general manager. We simply wanted to chronicle our own NFL Fantasy Football league. Today, we are morphing into a legitimate sport, humor, and pop culture platform, with actual readers. We are grateful for all the views, shares, and likes. Thanks for putting up with the errors, inconsistency, and growing pains. From trying to cover the most compelling stories from the world of sports to learning the passions behind some of the most compelling women in the world. It’s been a journey. Our Year in Review highlights the nine most viewed models on First and Ten Sports for 2015.

Year In Review: Ines Helene

Ines Helene was one of the first models selected as an unofficial ambassador for one of the league’s fantasy football teams. She was breaking the internet before she appeared on F&TS, but our readers enjoyed e-meeting her. As we learned, she is known as the “Swedish Unicorn,” speaks for languages, and was a finance student in the U.K. Ines Helene is officially Instagram Hot.

Year in Review: Magda Angel

Magda Angel

Hailing from our motherland of Colombia, we fell in love with Magda Angel during the Colombian men’s national soccer team run in Copa America. During the tournament, Angel consistently posted about the team and even did a celebratory rumba in their honor. Thank you for being such a great fan. Magda, you’re truly a gift from heaven.

Year in Review: Kendra SFW

Kendra Lust

When you crowdsource content ideas from your audience, we have to be prepared to accept the consequences. Some of our readers have more adult, risque tastes-but we roll with punches. Kendra may have a notorious career, but it was fun to find out Kendra Lust grew up in Michigan playing basketball.

Year in Review: Aisha Thalia

Aisha Thalia is one of the most compelling models we met this year. Aside from her looks, Thalia is an activist and an educator working on her second master’s degree. She’s fighting against online harassment, fighting for social justice, and raising a family. All while looking incredible in any outfit on any day.

Year In Review: Jessa Hinton

Jessa Hinton

We love when our profiles strike to start business ventures of their own. Jessa Hinton is the host of her own podcast, Anything Goes with Jessa Hinton. Hinton is a self-professed video game nerd to go along with her successes as a model, television host, and mom. The podcast is intended to be a fun, casual chat about everything, including sex and relationships, headline news, comics, and movies.

Year In Review: Lisa Ramos

Lisa Ramos had a busy 2015. She worked with Major League Baseball as a correspondent and continued to make television and red carpet appearances. All that work didn’t stop her from supporting her hometown New York Mets, collaborate with the NFL, or enjoy a slice of pizza.

Year In Review: Joselyn Cano

Joselyn Cano

Joselyn Cano hails from Orange County, CA, and got her start in modeling in the import tuner car world. Cano proved to be one of the most popular features of the year, so our readers must be car enthusiasts too.

Year in Review: Amy Willerton

We still think Amy Willerton deserves a recount. She is definitely Miss Universe worthy, but even though she’s doesn’t wear a crown she’s definitely a queen.

Thanks again for reading. We’ve enjoyed discovering amazingly talented models, writing our stories, and developing our unique take on sports and pop culture. To the models we’ve featured, if we can ever help promote your next projects, feel free to contact us.