FFL: The Boldin Beautiful Standings, Week 4 (2014-15)


Week 4 Standings.

This week in matchups featured some blowouts and some close contests. The Boldin Beautiful fantasy football league has reached the quarter pole. Let’s take a look at our results.

[team_standings 3936]

Team Mike & Brian defeated Team Marin 89-85.

Team Marin had a solid lead going into Monday night, but unfortunately, Patriots kicker Stephen Gostkowski only scored two extra points. Mark and Brian aka ‘The Wonder Twins’ got big points from the Chiefs defense who held the Patriots to 14 points.

Joel Velez defeated The Commish 119-83.

Mr. Velez got 32 fantasy points from Eli Manning. this highest points of the week thanks to his stellar performance versus Washington on Thursday night. The commish falls to 1-3.

Big Rich defeated Team Brandi 123-85.

Team Rich’s unexplained success continues to baffle FTS and we want answers. As we mentioned, FTS East Coast correspondent Richie Burns has been dispatched to the South Shore to investigate. Anyway, Rich’s QB and starting RB scored 54 points combined. Team Brandi remains winless.

Team Weiss extended their streak versus Team Super Mario 75-39.

Team Weiss must like the taste of gov’t cheese because since the team changed their name, they are on a hot streak. Weiss’ biggest scorer of the week was WR Eddie Royal, who tends to score in bunches. Team Mario lost his first matchup of the season.

The ‘Corn’ defeated Team Vega 110-75.

It’s difficult to win when you get single digit production from your starting QB and number one receiver. Tough luck Team Vega. Team Corn greatly benefitted from the return of RB Jamaal Charles to his Pro Bowl form.

Team Marino defeated Team George 110-86.

After Week 4, John Marino and George are 3-1. Team Marino got a 25 fantasy point boost from his WR 1 Steelers’ Antonio Brown.