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Instagram Beauty: Mirella Grisales Proves Futbol is Very Sexy

Colombian Women Have No Equal

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Grisales is Instagram’s Colombian Bomba.

Sport fans’ favorite Erin Andrews has competition for most beautiful sports personality in the world. And it’s from south of the border. Meet Mirella Grisales. She’s a model, television host, mother, and actress. Also, she’s one of the most popular futbol personalities across the globe. Grisales is naturally beautiful, but more importantly, she is a ‘parce.’ For our readers who aren’t Latino, parce is Colombian slang for friend or mate. That’s right, Mirella is Colombian, just like the head writer of FTS. So we are a huge fan. Let’s get to know her a little better.


Made Telemundo Muy Caliente.

Grisales was a co-host on Telemundo’s very popular late night talk show Titulares Y Mas for nine years (2007-16.) Don’t worry about the language barrier. Her charisma, appeal and hotness is universal.

Our ‘sista from another mista’ was born in 1979 in Colombia and currently resides in Miami, Florida. For some reason, NFL players couldn’t get enough of her when she covered Media Day at the Super Bowl in 2013. Grisales has another claim to fame. She is a WAG, a wife or girlfriend of a footballer. From 2007-08, Grisales dated multi-time balon d’or winner, Cristiano Ronaldo. That lucky bastard.

Cristiano Ronaldo fueron pareja sentimental entre 2007 y 2008, cuando ella laborada para la cadena latina en Estados Unidos, Telemundo.

Yet, if any man were going to be as attractive as Grisales, Cristiano might come close. Here’s hoping Grisales is currently single and wouldn’t mind a fan sliding into her DMs on Instagram and Twitter.

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