New York Jets: Ron Mexico, We Barely Knew You


Change is Good.

The New York Jets finally benched Geno Smith. Head coach Rex Ryan at last, found his nut sack because this move should have been made weeks ago. Former Pro-Bowl QB Michael Vick relieved Smith in the second half of Sunday’s game versus the San Diego Chargers. Before getting pulled, the former Mountaineer was 4-12 for 27 yards, with an INT. That loud thud you heard is thousands of Jets’ fans pounding their furniture and screaming, it’s about freaking time.

New York Jets QBs Michael Vick and Geno Smith

A few words of advice to pet owners in San Diego. Hide your pit bulls, hide your terriers, hide your german shepherds. Too soon? Let’s hope Geno Smith is benched for the remainder of the season. Update: The Jets continue to show their ineptitude. Richie “Dick” Burns reports Rex Ryan will start Geno Smith against the Denver Broncos. Enjoy some highlights of Vick in action since 2012.