Tonight Show Superlatives: Seattle vs. GB Edition, Week 2 (2015-16)


Really, B.J. It Writes Itself.

Jimmy Fallon debuted his latest edition of “Tonight Show Superlatives” on Wednesday night. The bit pokes fun at NFL players from the “Sunday Night Football matchup. The Green Bay Packers host the Seattle Seahawks at Lambeau Field.

Seahawks punter Jon Ryan was voted “most likely to get sunburned by the moon,” by the Tonight Show writing staff. J.R. Sweezy won, “most likely to say, ‘As you wish, Master’ every time the QB calls a play.” Green Bay Packers defensive tackle BJ Raji, was voted “Most likely to be what Shaq looked like as a baby.” Superlatives may be a glorified promo for “Sunday Night Football” on NBC, but at least it was funny. Sorry BJ, but Fallon schooled you. Russell Wilson did not fare much better. Enjoy the clip.

NBC Universal | Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon | 2015