Adrian Peterson Indicted for Child Abuse, NFL Remains Silent

The NFL is starting to look more like Rikers Island more than a professional sports league. Minnesota Vikings' star running back Adrian Peterson is in trouble with the law. Adrian Peterson has been indicted for child abuse, according to…

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Best NFL Fantasy Football Starts for Week 2 (2014)

We know, everyone considers themselves experts, especially when it comes to NFL Fantasy Football. You probably follow a bunch of fantasy football gurus on Twitter. You listen to several Fantasy podcasts and you watch the pre-game shows on…

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Six Bold Fantasy Football Predictions for Week 2 (2014)

Welcome to Week 2 of the Boldin Beautiful NFL Fantasy Football League. F&TS is taking a look at the projected winners of this weekend's matchups and making bold fantasy football predictions. We've reached out to the best…

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Our NFL Week 2 Fantasy Football Waiver Wire Moves (2014)

The NFL Fantasy Football waiver wire of the Boldin Beautiful League was busy on Wednesday afternoon. Several of the Boldin Beautiful League General Managers tried to improve their rosters with free agents or waiver pickups. Towards that…

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NFL Fantasy Football News: Josh Gordon Could Be Reinstated Soon

Josh Gordon, one of the most dangerous receivers in the NFL, when he's on the field, could return soon. Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, reports the Browns are cautiously optimistic the receiver could be reinstated for his…

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The Winner of Our Fantasy Football League Will be Belt-Worthy

One of the most hotly-contested debates during our NFL Fantasy Football draft was how to reward the winner at the end of the season. Sure, cash is great. The joy of shaming your fellow fantasy football competitors every time you get…

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Our NFL Fantasy Football League Standings After Week 1 (2014)

Week 1 of the NFL is in the books and it's a good time to look at our Fantasy Football league standings after this past weekend's slate of games. Remember, there are no ties in fantasy football, only winners and losers. Plus you'll…

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