The Wildest NFL Wild Card Weekend (2019)

Dogs Rule! Picking the winners and losers of NFL games is a dicey proposition. Anyone who tells they have a fool-proof system for predicting who will advance to this year's SuperBowl in Atlanta, run in the opposite direction. Except if…

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The Instagram Photos of Nicky Gile Could Break the Internet

Bring It On Nicky We've done it again. One of the pleasures of being the lead contributor of F&TS is our dedication to finding beautiful and talented women to profile on the site. It's not about being gratuitous or "pervy.," We have a…

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Year in Review: Eight Most Popular Featured Models of 2015

From start to finish, we had no idea what F&TS would become. We started this site as a creative exercise, from a passing conversation with a fellow fantasy football general manager. We simply wanted to chronicle our own NFL Fantasy…

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Model Kerri Barcia is the 7 Line Army’s Hottest Recruit

The Mets' playoff run has us a bit preoccupied. But, we are in good company. Kerri Barcia is a stunning beauty and an Amazin' Mets fan. She is also this week's Monday Maker Monday ambassador in our Fantasy Football league. When she's not…

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New York Mets Playoffs Push Has Us Busy

Hey readers, sorry F&TS has been late with new content. But, there's a good reason, we have New York Mets fever. Yours truly and a number of our Fantasy Football league GMs are diehard  Orange and Blue fans. The New York Mets playoffs…

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Fitness Model Lisa Morales Can Get You In Shape

Fitness Does Morales Good As summer turns to fall in the Northeast, we are going to need reminders of the warmer temperatures. Thank heaven for fitness model Lisa Morales. Morales is this week's winner of our Fantasy Football league's…

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Don’t Be That Guy At Your Fantasy Football Draft, Thanks Katie Nolan

We have to admit, Fox Sports 1's Katie Nolan is gaining our attention. The network's launch and its original programming haven't overly impressed us. But, if Nolan gets more air time and a new time slot, the network could thrive. Nolan is…

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Guess The Winning Mystery Booty of the Week

Team Tricky Dick, otherwise known as Team Rich, won our weekly unofficial team ambassador competition. In hopes of securing his NFL Fantasy Football matchup, Rich selected a mystery model's image poolside as his team photo. Rich won the…

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Guess The Winning Mystery Booty of NFL Week 9 (2014)

Guess what, when Team Marin wins our unofficial team ambassador competition, our whole NFL Fantasy Football league wins. We wish we knew who this beautiful woman was. We would love to profile her on the site and prove the rest of her is…

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Listen and Watch: Jennifer Lopez f. Iggy Azalea “Booty” Remix

Ms. Jennifer Lopez, the 40-something dynamo, who is currently a judge on American Idol, has been teasing a remix to her single, "Booty" for weeks. Well, the club banger has finally premiered. The Jennifer Lopez remix of "Booty" features…

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