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Sierra Skye: This Belle Donne is a Perfect 10

The Skye is the Limit

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Italian Craftsmanship is Incredible.

Our site’s tribute to the women that inspire greatness continues. Sierra Skye aka Sierra Egan is our latest Perfect 10 of the week. Skye is beautiful enough to get you weak in the knees and hard in other places. According to our research, she is a mix of Italian and Native American ethnicities. The Scorpio (born on November 25) grew up in California and naturally loves Mexican food. We wish Sierra was single, but she is currently in a relationship. Roman Palumbo is her man (as of 2017) and the couple shares their social media presence. Their joint YouTube channel is called Roman & Sierra’s World.

Skye has modeled for swimsuit designers as well as other products and has earned more than a million fans. Elite Models in LA has taken notice of her looks and charm, and why wouldn’t they? She recently announced signing with the agency and thanked her online fans and friends.

Where Have You Seen Her

Sierra has been featured on SI.com’s Lovely Lady of the Day and her Instagram profile. For the married men who follow our site, follow her online at your own risk. As always, we wish Sierra all the best in her future endeavors. Sierra, if we can help you out, call a brotha up.

We have to apologize to Sierra, her fans, and our readers. A previous version of this article included background information about former adult actress Sierra Skye. They have the same name, but Sierra Egan is not this performer.

Our deepest apologies to Ms. Egan and our fans.

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