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Patriots Learn a Hard Lesson, Coin Tosses Aren’t the Time to be Cocky

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Too Smart For Their Own Good

Bill Belichick can’t help himself, he even brings drama to a coin toss. In this weekend’s AFC East showdown between the Pats and Jets, after winning the overtime toss, the Patriots decided to kick off. Jets made a few big plays in a short amount of time, including passes to Quincy Enunwa, Brandon Marshall, and Eric Decker, and the result–the Jets won. Our reaction was, what the “F.”

We are sure the percentage-obsessed Patriots had the probability of winning vs. losing worked out years in advance, but Belichick’s decision to defer smells more like arrogance than anything else. Here a few factors why Bill’s decision was dumb:

Momentum–The Jets almost scored the winning touchdown as time was expiring, but WR Quincy Enunwa couldn’t hold on to a pass from Fitzgerald.

The Patriots Defense–The defense hadn’t stopped the Jets receivers all game. Brandon Marshall finished with 8 catches for nearly 120 yards.

Good Protection for Brady–Even down one offensive lineman due to injury, the Jets only registered 5 QB hits and 2 sack.

Best Players on the Field–Tom Brady and Gronk are one of the toughest QB/receiver duos in the NFL. Doesn’t it make more sense to go down with your best on the field? We are using hindsight to second guess a coach, but you are fortunate enough to have two HOF playmakers on your team, use them.

If you needed more proof of Pats’ arrogance, just take a look at Bill’s post game press conference. Image courtesy of NESN.com.

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