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NFL Injury Bug Bites Big Names in Week 4

Derek Carr, Dalvin Cook, and Marcus Mariota among the walking wounded.

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In recent years the NFL has tried to legislate the sport to be safer, but once again this past weekend, big-name players went down with significant injuries. The shortlist of talent who will play or are questionable includes Raiders’ QB Derek Carr, Vikings Rookie RB Dalvin Cook, Titans’ QB Marcus Mariota, and Packers’ RB Ty Montgomery. We’ll examine these injuries and prognosis for a return in Week 5.

Adjust Your Rosters

Derek Carr, Raiders

Injury: fractured transverse process of the low back.

We had no idea we had a transverse process, but it sure doesn’t sound good. We reached out to our client, Dr. Ivan Hernandez, a respected Physical Therapist and read SI.com’s Russell Manalastas’ report and it appears the diagnosis isn’t as severe as it looked. Two different starting QBs, Tony Romo and Cam Newton have sustained the injury and come back within a week. The Raiders intend to be cautious with their franchise quarterback, but that patience could be short-lived if backup E.J. Manuel struggles.

Dalvin Cook, Vikings

Injury: torn ACL

The video is graphic, avert your eyes.

The former FSU Seminole was the #2 rated RB going into Week 4. Everything was going well until a non-contact injury left Cook laying in a heap. It’s a shame, Cook was showing promise and was producing. Combining surgery and rehab, expect Cook to miss 9-12 months. Speedy recovery young man. Let’s hope being featured in our ‘Gettin’ It In’ post of Week 4 wasn’t a kiss of death.

Marcus Mariota, Titans

Injury: strained hamstring

Manalastas writes both the Titans and head coach Mike Mularkey are confident Mariota’s injury is not severe. The should be good news for fantasy owners. Mariota is a consistent dual threat on the field when he is healthy. Weird fact of the week–for the second year in a row, Derek Carr and Mariota were injured in the same week of play. If Mariota can’t play in Week 5, Matt Cassell will get the start. Oy vey.

Ty Montgomery, Packers

Injury: broken ribs

Montgomery confirmed that he is dealing with multiple broken ribs, sustained in the Week 4 contest against the Bears. The good news is the Packers won’t play for another ten days. Whether and how much Montgomery plays will really be up to him. The only way to recover from broken ribs is rest, protection, and painkillers. Typically you would need a couple of weeks to recover from broken ribs, but with a flack jacket and the team’s medical staff, we wouldn’t be surprised if the former WR is on the field against the Cowboys.

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