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Magda Angel: Heaven’s Greatest Gift to Mankind

A Colombian model with all the right moves.

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Watching Futbol is Good for the Soul

We first came across Colombian model Magda Angel during our national team’s run in this year’s Copa America. As you can see, her last name hits the bullseye. The twenty-something brunette is nearly perfect and certainly deserves a pair of wings. Don’t take our word for it, enjoy our gallery of images and her hypnotic dance moves.

She’s a Global Sensation

Angel is originally from Colombia. She started modeling at 16 when she entered a modeling competition and won. From there she competed in many teen pageants and did very well, but decided to make her way to the United States, even though she didn’t know anyone or the language. She definitely made the right decision because her career has really taken off and seems to be growing day by day, Currently, she can be seen on the TV show DUB Latino on MUN2. She is also one of the beautiful Monster Energy Girls that you can find traveling around the states. Magda has quite the range of spoken-model gigs including Tropic beauty, Toyo Tires, Wrangler, Shasta and Bud Light.

Not only is Magda a beautiful woman, she is also crafty. She started designing and fabricating her own bikinis and hopes to one day sell them to the masses. Magda has a very bright future and we look forward to seeing where she goes from here.

If your significant other doesn’t check your phone, follow her on Instagram.

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