Fitness Model Lisa Morales Can Get You In Shape


Fitness Does Morales Good

As summer turns to fall in the Northeast, we are going to need reminders of the warmer temperatures. Thank heaven for fitness model Lisa Morales. Morales is this week’s winner of our Fantasy Football league’s Money Maker Monday contest. The gorgeous and hard-working Latina was once voted one of the most beautiful residents of South Florida. We can see why. As a fitness entrepreneur, Morales follows a strict regiment to keep her body in peak condition. She told the Women’s Best blog, “[Fitness] is a lifestyle. Working out 5 days a week and eating clean is part of my life and who I am. I feel weird when I miss a workout. Also having my fitness page motivates me when I see my follower’s making progress and reaching their fitness goals!”

Where You’ve Seen This Model of Fitness

Morales pursued a modeling career at 13. Her first big job was a back to school fashion show for JC Penny with Seventeen Magazine. She’s been a full time model for over a decade and got into fitness in 2009. At the time, Morales decided she wanted abs. She is an intoxicating mix of Cuban and Puerto Rican heritage, bilingual and has developed a legion of loyal fans because of her great looks and commitment to fitness. Morales has appeared on Direct TV Latino and portrayed Pitbull’s girlfriend in the Hotel Room Service video. Then, in 2015, she appeared in Men’s Fitness Germany and was Miss October in the Buffalo Jeans Intababes Calendar. The Cuban/Puerto Rican beauty was a model for the Chica Rica 2015 swimwear collection and appeared on HotMiamiStyles 2015 billboards in South Florida.

Morales’ Personal Life

Lisa Morales told Crave online that when it comes to dating, she likes tall men; “Definitely the guy has to be athletic, play sports or workout. You have to be athletic and be able to keep up with me…if you could make me laugh every day, I’ll love you.” The worst pick-up line Morales has ever heard was “I hope you know CPR because you just took my breath away!” We have to admit, that is a pretty good line. We may have to use that one at the bars. Props to Team Marin for discovering her online. Too bad her beauty and talent aren’t helping him win matchups.

We encourage you to follow the fitness model Lisa Morales on Instagram. At F&TS, we wish her continued success and maybe some more carbs on a cheat day.