We Fell In Love With Jenny McCarthy on MTV – She’s Still Crush-Worthy


The first time we fell in love with Jenny McCarthy was on MTV, where she co-hosted the popular dating show, “Singled Out.” The 90s may have been a while ago, but McCarthy is still crush-worthy. We decided to travel back in time to put together some of our favorite images of the former WAG for Throwback Thursday. McCarthy grew up in Illinois and at one time dated Chicago Bears’ linebacker Brian Urlacher. The former WAG now is married to actor and New Kids on the Block member, Donnie Wahlberg.


Jenny McCarthy’s first foray into fame came with Playboy. To earn some money, McCarthy landed a chance to model for the magazine and was Miss October 1993. She was eventually named the 1994 Playmate of the Year. Following a relocation to Los Angeles, California, McCarthy landed some television host roles and also began picking up acting parts. McCarthy’s relationship with Playboy has endured over the years. She posed again in the magazine in 2012.

Jenny McCarthy photoshoot for the Lingerie Football League

Life in the Spotlight Has Pitfalls

It’s been a scandalous time for the host on The View, and current Mrs. Donnie Wahlberg. Several of her private images just leaked online. Good luck finding them again, since her lawyers have gotten involved. But if you still need a bigger dose of Ms. McCarthy, feel free to google her racier looks. We love McCarthy with clothes on or off. She’s irreverent, opinionated and we have always been a sucker for beautiful blondes.

Jenny McCarthy | Fab at 41 | Shape Magazine

McCarthy is a Fine Wine

McCarthy must have drunk from the fountain of youth because she looks amazing. She told Shape magazine in June, she doesn’t spend hours at the gym or with a personal trainer to maintain that toned physique. Mccarthy employs a down-to-earth workout routine that includes a combination of running and dumbbell exercises. She says she hasn’t stepped on a scale in over a decade. Good for her and as always we wish her continued success. From her MTV days to now, we will always have a soft spot for Jenny McCarthy.

Jenny McCarthy for Carl’s Jr.