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Velvet Sky is Not Falling; She’s on the Rise

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Powerful, Sexy and She Can Beat Hogan in the Ring

Professional wrestling sure has changed from the 80’s. If you haven’t seen or heard of TNA Knockout Velvet Sky, where have you been? Velvet is an accomplished professional wrestler and sports lover from Waterbury, Connecticut. Velvet Sky currently wrestles for TNA Wrestling as a member of the Beautiful People with her tag team partner, Angelina Love. From the publicity shots, news reports, and Velvet Sky’s amazing Twitter feed, the team’s name is well deserved.

The Beautiful People

Jill of Many Trades

Velvet Sky, formerly known as Jamie Szantyr, has been a TNA wrestler since 2007. The gorgeous lady of wrestling has been training in the ring since her early 20s. Outside the ring, Velvet has started an apparel and accessories line called Rated V and plans to go back to school to get her degree in marketing. But, for the immediate future, Velvet wants to keep improving in the ring. The Beautiful People are one of the most successful tag teams in TNA history and she and Angelina Love have had success as singles competitors.

Consider us fans, but we are concerned. With a face and body that perfect, why risk it in pro wrestling? But hey, to each their own. We wish Velvet and Angelina continued success. Also, Velvet some advice, we know you grew up in New England, but did you have to wear Patriots gear? Just kidding, on behalf of the New York Giants, thanks for the Super Bowl victories!


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