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Meet Genesis Lopez, Instagram’s Sexiest Source of Inspiration

Her Middle Name is Mia (mine is Spanish) and We'd Like to Make Her Ours.

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Ole, Ole, Ole.

Genesis Mia Lopez is one of the hottest fitness models on social media. Yes, she is beautiful, but we meant her level of popularity. Genesis, better known as ‘Miss Genii’ on social media, regularly updates her fans and followers on her training regime and diet. Unless you’re blind or your eyes are closed, her routine is definitely working. She currently has a massive 2.8 million Instagram following. At first look, Lopez appears to be a fine Latina, but there’s more than meets the eye. Miss Genii has Brazilian and Japanese roots. You see, mixed backgrounds do produce beautiful children. We assume Lopez is a great samba dancer and appreciates really good sushi.

The Sexy Athlete is Bang-able

Lopez revealed in an interview with Greatest Physiques, she’s regularly asked, what is her ethnic background and what is her diet. “Most common question I get (besides my ethnicity), is what do I eat. No processed sugar, no flour, that’s how I keep my stomach so flat! She added, “Now I’m not saying I don’t indulge here and there, but my diet consists mainly of veggies and fish. I have a very clean, pretty Asian based diet that’s high in protein, moderate fat and low in processed foods. Eat as fresh as possible, stay away from sugar!!! 80% diet 20% gym!”

The star fitness model believes you can meet nutrient requirements through whole and organic foods, so she doesn’t take a large number of supplements. She does collaborate with the BangEnergy line of creatine-infused beverages but is very mindful of the ingredients and the claims products make. Lopez does recommend if you’re in the sun a lot, add Vitamin D capsules to your diet. Insufficient levels of Vitamin D3 don’t promote muscle growth.

Say Hello

Genesis told the online lifestyle site, The Revel, the public would be surprised to learn she’s an open book. Lopez doesn’t hesitate to speak her mind and is approachable. She strikes up a conversation with someone she doesn’t know at parties or social settings and encourages her fans to say ‘Hi,’ if you see her in public. Since we won’t be lucky enough to bump into Miss Genii anytime soon, we’ll have to follow her Instagram and Snapchat @missgenii.

Good luck Genesis and thanks for the inspiration.

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