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Highlight of the Week: Hill Breaks Out the “Ickey Shuffle” 2.0

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The Best TD Dance Ever.

Cincinnati RB Jeremy Hill is obviously excited about getting some cold cuts. Shout out to Geico. Hill scored a touchdown against the Panthers on Sunday and then took it ol’skool. Number 32 for the Bengals broke out his version of the Ickey Shuffle to celebrate. If you are too young to remember, do some research on the Google machine and search Bengals FB Ickey Woods. The Ickey Shuffle was the routine that Woods created for a touchdown celebration. Woods kept his dance uniform. Not that he didn’t have enough chances to change things up — he scored 15 touchdowns his rookie year in 1988.

Nicely done Jeremy. You gave proper respect to the Bengal greats of the past. Plus, Hill’s shuffle was much better than the Texans JJ Watt’s attempt at the Nae Nea in Week 3. A few words of advice to Mr. Watt–leave the dancing to the professionals. Just focus on staying healthy and sacking the quarterback.



For the 2017-18 season, the NFL finally did something right. The league office relaxed the rules against celebrations and the players are getting very creative with their moves. We created a list ranking the ’10 Best TD Celebrations’ of the seasons. Enjoy.

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