Get to Know Instagram Fitness Influencer Melissa Molinaro

Molinaro is Instagram Fire Melissa Molinaro first caught the public's attention for her resemblance to Mrs. Kanye West. In an E! News interview she said, “It’s extremely flattering. [Kim] is a beautiful woman. That’s an amazing…

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The 8 Worst Sports Broadcasters Right Now (And 7 You Should Be Listening To)

Like Nails on a Chalkboard. It's finally the weekend. You busted your ass on the job all week and now you're going to kick back, pop open a cold one, and watch the big game. But then it happens. That announce team is 'doing' the game and…

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The Eagles Win! Our Super Bowl Victory Recap

Fly Eagles Fly. The improbable has happened again. The New England Patriots lost their third SuperBowl to an NFC East team. If you picked the Eagles giving the 4 1/2 points you are in the money. We also hope you picked the over because…

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10 Hottest Instagram Pics of Super Bowl Week

We've finally gotten to February and it's cold. We need reminders of warmer climates and sun-kissed skin. Therefore, we introduce you to Danielle Moinet. The model, actress, and WWE Superstar, known as Summer Rae, grew up watching…

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Super Bowl Edition Who’s Hotter? NE’s Ashley Alexiss or Philly’s Kat Dennings

Tell me if you heard this story before? The New England Patriots come back in the fourth quarter to win a game. Tom Brady is amazing, Bill Belichick is a genius and they're on their way to the Super Bowl. The Minnesota Vikings and…

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NFL Championship Sunday is the real Super Bowl, Who’s Going to Minnesota?

Only Two Teams Will Survive. NFL fans will finally know who represents the NFC and the AFC in Super Bowl LII by Monday. NFL observers and Patriots fans expected New England to make a deep run into this year's playoffs. But who guessed the…

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2018 NFL Draft Preview: With the First Pick in the…

This Time They'll Get it Right. The Cleveland Browns are the 'little NFL franchise that could.' Members and non-members of the Dawg Pound really want this team to succeed. Head Coach Hue Jackson is a solid football man that earned the…

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New England Patriots Turmoil Puts Legacy in Jeopardy

The salacious book Fire and Fury has blown the roof off the White House. Now an ESPN report on the New England Patriots is threatening Gilette Stadium the same way. ESPN Senior Writer Seth Wickersham pulls back the curtain on the Super…

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Meet the Sexy Cast of WAGS Atlanta on E!

New City, More Drama. The wives and girlfriends of professional athletes (WAGs) are taking over a third U.S. city. Meet the cast of WAGS Atlanta. E's popular reality series features a squad of beautiful, smart, driven, and talented ladies…

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The NFL Playoff Picture Comes Into Focus (2017-18)

One of the wackiest NFL seasons in recent history is over and the NFL playoff intrigue has just started. Six NFL franchises need to hire new head coaches. Eight teams are new to the playoffs compared to last year. Lastly, the Buffalo Bills…

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