Stacy Keibler Moves On From Clooney to Motherhood

Sure, Stacy Keibler missed out on being Mrs. Clooney this weekend, but her life ain't all bad. Keibler has a new man, is a first-time mother, and still has her love of the NFL to keep her going. Before she was "famous" for dating Clooney,…

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The Daily Show Tackles the Washington Redskins Name Controversy

The Washington Redskins name controversy got The Daily Show with Jon Stewart treatment. The show sent Hysterical correspondent Jason Jones to Landover, Maryland to investigate the controversy and get to the bottom line. Is the franchise's…

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What Game — The Best Competition is Between the NFL Team Dance Squads

NFL Week 4 kicks off on Thursday night with a matchup between the New York Giants and the team from Washington. F&TS won't use that racist and discriminatory name for the team. It's a matter of principle and our way to support Native…

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We Fell In Love With Jenny McCarthy on MTV – She’s Still Crush-Worthy

The first time we fell in love with Jenny McCarthy was on MTV, where she co-hosted the popular dating show, "Singled Out." The 90s may have been a while ago, but McCarthy is still crush-worthy. We decided to travel back in time to put…

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Packers Fans Need to Leave Aaron Rodgers and Olivia Munn Alone

Packers' All-Pro QB Aaron Rodgers is currently dating actress Olivia Munn, every fanboy's dream crush. Packers fans would typically be happy for A-Rod, but Rodgers and the Packers are off to a slow start. They are currently 1-2. So who…

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ESPN Drama: Simmons Suspended for Goodell Rant

Words Have Consequences. ESPN's Bill Simmons is the latest victim in the Ray Rice/NFL domestic violence saga. It's weird because Simmons wasn't even in Atlantic City. If you haven't heard of the incident, Ravens' RB Rice assaulted his…

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NFL Postgame Injury Report for Week 3 (2014)

American football is the ultimate week to week battle of attrition. The NFL, in particular, is so physical the championship fortunes of any team can disappear in a matter of plays. It's why injury reports have become so important,…

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NFL Fantasy Football Matchup Results for Week 3 (2014-15)

NFL Fantasy Football seasons are like marathons. You have to pace yourself. If you run out too quickly, you won't have enough stamina to finish mile 26. In this case of our Boldin Beautiful Fantasy League, for those GMs that got off to a…

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Eric Weddle Delivers a Big Hit in Chargers Victory

The variety of the San Diego Chargers' offensive weapons was again on display on Sunday. A week after throwing three touchdown passes to tight end Antonio Gates in a 30-21 win over Seattle, Philip Rivers turned his attention to several…

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