Don’t Be That Guy At Your Fantasy Football Draft, Thanks Katie Nolan

We have to admit, Fox Sports 1's Katie Nolan is gaining our attention. The network's launch and its original programming haven't overly impressed us. But, if Nolan gets more air time and a new time slot, the network could thrive. Nolan is…

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The Bella Twins are Super Bowl Ready

Hello Sports Fans. The Bella Twins of the WWE and Total Divas are ready for the Super Bowl. Are you? If you don't recognize these amazingly stunning twins, the sisters were a professional wrestling tag team for the WWE. Here are some…

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Athletes Rock Out As Famous Performers in ESPN The Magazine Music Issue

Celebrities and musicians share rarified air. Us common folk can't understand the notoriety, pressure, and perks that come with rising to the top of the game and staying there. Maybe that's why so many of them hook up. Carrie Underwood and…

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Charlotte McKinney and Carls Jr Makes Us Hungry

The McKinney Carls Jr Ad Debuts During the Super Bowl First & Ten Sports has an eye for talent and we are proud of it. We profiled the beautiful Charlotte McKinney in October of last year. The blonde bombshell evokes memories of…

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Aaron Rodgers Will Need Extra Consoling From Olivia Munn

Let's hope Aaron Rodgers and his girlfriend Olivia Munn pick a great destination for a post-NFL season vacation. Because A-Rod will need some heavy-duty consoling. Munn will need to perform magic to help her man get over his team's…

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Katy Perry Will Shade Taylor Swift at the Super Bowl, Allegedly

The NFL Super Bowl is getting more interesting even before we know who's in the game. This week, Katy Perry announced that rocker Lenny Kravitz would be joining her on stage during her Halftime performance show. But what's gaining more…

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Our Top Five Posts of 2014 — Year In Review

F&TS is having a great time ball bringing you the best in fantasy sports, NFL, and the women dominating pop culture. You have rewarded us with your clicks, likes, and follows. We will be forever grateful. From trying to cover the most…

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Lauren Hanley Is Verifiably Instagram Hot

During our inaugural season, First and Ten Sports (F&TS) has had moments of comedy, smack talk, and beauty from a bevy of beauties that inspire greatness. As we wind down our Thanksgiving weekend, we wanted to express our gratitude to…

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God Save Holly Peers, the Real Queen of the UK

Holy Holly Peers Gentleman and we use the term lightly, if you don’t recognize this beautiful angel, she is Holly Peers. Holly Peers is one of the most popular glamour models from the UK and was born in Manchester, England. The Sun’s Page3…

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