WAG Alice Goodwin Makes Wonder Woman Hotter

When F&TS isn't reporting on sports or fantasy football, our head writer is also a comic nerd. We decided to take a break from sports and focus on fantasies of other kinds, cosplay. You may ask, what the hell is cosplay? Well, it's the…

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Sofia Vergara Is a Perfect 10 In Any Language

For a generation of men actress, Bo Derek will forever be known as the perfect 10. But F&TS is nominating another world-class beauty who is worthy of the moniker. Colombian actress Sofia Vergara is a perfect 10 in any language. Vergara…

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Katy Perry Set to Roar At Super Bowl XLIV Halftime Show

F&TS and the New York Post are reporting the NFL has selected “Ms. Teenage Dream” Katy Perry to headline the Super Bowl XLIX Halftime Show in Arizona in February. The halftime show will be sponsored by Pepsi, who had previously worked…

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Throwback Thursday: Jenna Jameson Starred In Our Vivid Dreams

Before the marriages, kids, and mortgages, the members of our NFL Fantasy Football league spent some of our formative years admiring Jenna Jameson. Jameson is one of the most successful adult actresses of all time. Jenna Jameson was one of…

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Chandra Davis AKA Deelishis, Moved On From Reality Fame to Modeling

We hate to admit it, but we've watched the VH1 reality show "Flavor of Love." Yes, that Flavor of Love, the reality competition where twenty different women compete Flava Flav. If you're a fan of 90s hip-hop, and who isn't--you know Flav…

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Instagram Superstardom Is Not Enough for Charlotte McKinney

Charlotte McKinney isn't content with just being Instagram famous. The stunning model has been compared to Kate Upton and has been called one of the most desirable women on the planet. But there's more to McKinney than just social media…

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NFL Fans Stand At Attention for Ariana Grande in Jeans

One of the team owners in our league (sounds like pitch) is obsessed with pop diva Ariana Grande. We are trying to figure out her appeal. Grande has an incredible voice, but we prefer our ladies less petite and more full-figured. Perhaps…

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The Hottest and Nerdiest Images of Megan Fox Anywhere

It takes a rare kind of woman to make Voltron and Star Wars vintage t-shirts look sexy. But Megan Fox sure can. In celebration of her love for geek culture, we've put together a selection of the hottest and nerdiest images of Megan Fox. If…

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Sasha Gates Is A WAG and Antonio’s Better Half

One look at Sasha Lee Dindayal and you're in love. At least that what happened when San Diego Chargers' tight end Antonio Gates met Sasha in 2007. Dindayal, now a model and musician, was born in Trinidad and Tobago but grew up in Canada.…

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The Greatest Carolina Panthers Cheerleaders Fight Story Ever Told

NFL cheerleaders don't have an easy life. Teams don't pay dance squads very well. Plus, they deal with lewd remarks from drunken idiots in the stands all the time. So you can understand that every once in awhile, young cheerleaders go out…

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