Hope Howard vs Josefine Forsberg, Who’s Hotter?

Hope Howard Likes Donuts There are some questions that have no right answer. For example, who's hotter in a contest between Hope Howard vs Josefine Forsberg. Not much has been written about the mysterious Hope Howard, but after one look at…

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The Instagram Images of Carissa Rosario Don’t Do Her Justice

Welcome to our latest installment of the women who inspire greatness in our Fantasy Football teams. As always our process for selecting our  Money Makers is our General Managers scour the Internet to choose one model to serve as their…

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The Instagram Profile of Jordan Carver Is A Must Follow

https://www.instagram.com/p/CB6FcJ1gcgS/ If you haven't heard of Jordan Carver or follow her on social media, what is wrong with you? Jordan has been called the Eighth Wonder of the World. We would call her The Greatest of All-Time…

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Lisa Ramos Makes Super Bowl Sunday Extra Hot

As we get ready to pig out, criticize commercials, and watch Beyonce do her thing, the Super Bowl will be extra hot and fashionable this year. Friend of First & Ten Sports, Lisa Ramos reminds us that the NFL is celebrating the game’s…

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ESPN’S Molly Qerim vs. Eva Marie of WWE, Who’s Hotter?

This may not be a fair debate. But a debate over the hotness of First Take moderator Molly Qerim and Eva Marie came about from a conversation with my boys. It was NFL Championship Sunday and we were discussing Molly Qerim, the new…

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Year in Review: Eight Most Popular Featured Models of 2015

From start to finish, we had no idea what F&TS would become. We started this site as a creative exercise, from a passing conversation with a fellow fantasy football general manager. We simply wanted to chronicle our own NFL Fantasy…

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The Instagram Perfection of Abigail Ratchford for the Holidays

It took F&TS until Christmas week to finally get into the holiday spirit. We've done our shopping, we even got an ugly Christmas sweater (shout out to 2 Chainz.) We don't want to be labeled a 'Grinch' and to prove it, our present to…

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Ronda Rousey Knocked Out by Holly Holm at UFC 193

They said she would never lose. However, on Saturday night at UFC 193, Holly Holm defeated Ronda Rousey. Holm has become the new UFC Bantamweight Champion. Holm's boxing career included defending her boxing titles 18 times in three…

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