The Sexiest Instagram Moments of Natalie Gauvreau

Gauvreau is Hot Enough to Make an Eskimo Sweat Natalie Gauvreau may get a bunch of new neighbors soon if the U.S. continues to be so crazy. Gauvreau grew up in a small town five hours outside of Toronto, Canada, and currently resides in…

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The Instagram Photos of Nicky Gile Could Break the Internet

Bring It On Nicky We've done it again. One of the pleasures of being the lead contributor of F&TS is our dedication to finding beautiful and talented women to profile on the site. It's not about being gratuitous or "pervy.," We have a…

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Year in Review: Eight Most Popular Featured Models of 2015

From start to finish, we had no idea what F&TS would become. We started this site as a creative exercise, from a passing conversation with a fellow fantasy football general manager. We simply wanted to chronicle our own NFL Fantasy…

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Model Kerri Barcia is the 7 Line Army’s Hottest Recruit

The Mets' playoff run has us a bit preoccupied. But, we are in good company. Kerri Barcia is a stunning beauty and an Amazin' Mets fan. She is also this week's Monday Maker Monday ambassador in our Fantasy Football league. When she's not…

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New York Mets Playoffs Push Has Us Busy

Hey readers, sorry F&TS has been late with new content. But, there's a good reason, we have New York Mets fever. Yours truly and a number of our Fantasy Football league GMs are diehard  Orange and Blue fans. The New York Mets playoffs…

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The Hottest MLB Female Fans We Could Find

Baseball gets an unfair rap. Young sports fans criticize baseball for being too slow, boring, and unsexy. Well, God bless the Internet. Total Pro Sports found 15 of the Hottest MLB Female Fans anywhere. Furthermore, we can thank Team Vega…

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Fitness Model Lisa Morales Can Get You In Shape

Fitness Does Morales Good As summer turns to fall in the Northeast, we are going to need reminders of the warmer temperatures. Thank heaven for fitness model Lisa Morales. Morales is this week's winner of our Fantasy Football league's…

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Fashion Looks Hotter on the Instagram Photos of Aisha Thalia

Bikini or Lingerie Looks Hot on Thalia As a means to inspire my fellow fantasy football GMs to victory, we came up with an idea. On a weekly basis, we encourage league participants to choose a gorgeous female to represent their team. We…

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Don’t Be That Guy At Your Fantasy Football Draft, Thanks Katie Nolan

We have to admit, Fox Sports 1's Katie Nolan is gaining our attention. The network's launch and its original programming haven't overly impressed us. But, if Nolan gets more air time and a new time slot, the network could thrive. Nolan is…

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Our Top Five Posts of 2014 — Year In Review

F&TS is having a great time ball bringing you the best in fantasy sports, NFL, and the women dominating pop culture. You have rewarded us with your clicks, likes, and follows. We will be forever grateful. From trying to cover the most…

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