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NFL Jerseys Are Sexy On Women

It's time to mature and become a sharper dressed fan.

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Guys, Give Your Jerseys to Your Girl

Fandom comes in all shapes and sizes so theChive is celebrating the N.F.L. with a gallery of beautiful women wearing team apparel. But seeing how alluring a jersey can be on a hot woman, it brings up something us guys need to be aware of. Men, it’s time to stop wearing sports jersey when it’s not appropriate. For example, no more jerseys at the office, doing errands around town, and especially not on a date. Remember, you’re not the starting LG for the Jets. You are a grown ass man. Find a more fashion-forward way to show team spirit without looking like you are wearing PJs.

We Here to Help

The team over at Bleacher Report has a great article on the don’ts of wearing team apparel. They wrote, “guys have no excuse to ever wear a jersey outside of a football stadium, and women are allowed to wear a jersey outside the stadium for one reason only: if and only if they hook up with a guy at a bar and the next morning are allowed to work around the house with it on.”

FTS considers itself pretty stylish so might we suggest Joe’s Daily post on NFL Hall of Fashion. A vintage tee or team-themed accessories are a great way to be appropriate and keep it fresh. The ladies will appreciate it.

Thanks to The Chive for the feature. Great job and if you don’t visit theChive and follow them on social media…well there’s no helping you.

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