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Amy Willerton: Look at those Bristols!

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Britain’s Newest Member of the Royal Court, Queen Amy.

You may disagree with us, but there’s something extremely sophisticated about British women. Perhaps it’s their accents or their appreciation of the beautiful game? We aren’t sure, and ‘though we revolted against the monarchy, the UK continues to bless the U.S. with beautiful imports. Allow us to introduce Amy Willerton. As the New York Giants prepare to play on Sunday night, we thought the Miss Universe contestant could ‘knight’ the team and lead them to victory.

Bristols Have Nothing to do with ESPN

Amy Willerton is a voluptuous British model, who used to be UK glamour model Katie Price’s protege. As described by COED.com in a 2013 profile, Amy competed on the TV show ‘Signed By Katie Price’ that awarded the winner just what you think it did–a contract with Katie Price’s modeling agency. A problem arose, however, when Willerton turned down the offer. What did she reject the contract? The aspiring model “lost confidence in their [Signed] ability to deliver on promises made.” Price did not appreciate the comments and the two have feuded in the British tabloids ever since.

Willerton bounced back after the fallout. She won the title of “Miss Great Britain 2013” in a landslide and competed in that year’s Miss Universe pageant. Congratulations on the honor and if Willerton somehow became the actual Queen of England, we would become her subject again.

Images in post courtesy of COED and FHM. We wish her continued success and encourage you to follow Amy on Facebook | Twitter .

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