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The Cover Girl Game Face Ad Becomes A Statement to the NFL

The Cover Girl Game Face Ad Take On New Meaning Commissioner Roger Goodell and the NFL are confronting increased public criticism in the aftermath of the Ray Rice domestic violence scandal. Detractors and women's groups are accusing the…

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Best NFL Postgame Quotes from Around the League Week 2 (2014-15)

One of the aspects of NFL football that makes it such a great sport to follow is the limited number of games in the season. With 16 games in their regular season, every matchup feels important. While the league is currently only in the…

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The Nicki Minaj Ass Debate, Is it Real or Fake?

The first job of F&TS is to help our readers dominate their fantasy sports leagues. But our secondary and tertiary goals are to help our readers unravel the mysteries behind some of pop culture's most perplexing questions. Which…

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The Sports Reporters of F&TS Go Deeper to Get Stories

One of the ways First and Ten Sports will stand out from other sports media platforms is comedic, even satirical reporting from our fictitious sideline sports reporters/correspondents. Television broadcasts are not utilizing sideline…

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NFL Referees Calling Penalties At Record Levels This Season (2014)

In a rare occurrence, three of the Boldin Beautiful league owners watched the San Francisco 49ers versus the Chicago Bears matchup under one roof on Sunday night. Team owners Josh and Rich alleged that had to wake up early on Monday…

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Adrian Peterson Indicted for Child Abuse, NFL Remains Silent

The NFL is starting to look more like Rikers Island more than a professional sports league. Minnesota Vikings' star running back Adrian Peterson is in trouble with the law. Adrian Peterson has been indicted for child abuse, according to…

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