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Grading the New York Knicks Free Agency Fails

The rumors were too good to be true. The Knicks traded Kristaps Prozingis to Mavericks to free up cap space and get draft picks. The New York Knicks finally had sufficient payroll flexibility to sign two max free agents this off-season.…

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Five Reasons Why Top NBA Draft Pick Zion Williamson Will be a Bust

There is an ongoing debate amongst NBA fans. Who is the next Michael Jordan? Some say, Kobe Bryant, while others unequivocally believe LeBron James is the best player to ever lace up a pair of sneakers. With King James entering his 16th…

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New York Giants Draft Picks 2019: Jones over Haskins Reveals Big Blue Bias?

The New York Giants fired GM Jerry Reese in 2017. Two veteran evaluators, Louis Riddick, and Dave Gettleman were finalists for the job. Riddick was a former director of pro personnel, ex-NFL player and ESPN personality. Gettleman was a…

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New Study Proves NFL Fans Have a Conscious

It's hard to be a fan of the NFL sometimes. Why? It's because of the arrests, bad behavior, and lack of character of some of the players in the league. We could dedicate a whole site to report the transgressions of ex and current players.…

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How to Get Shredded Abs Like Brazilian Bombshell Alice Matos

Futbol fans are familiar with the names Pele, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, and Kaka. Well, Brazil has produced another one-named superstar--Alice. One look at this athlete, journalist, and businesswoman and you're in awe. Alice is one of the most…

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Lack of Chemistry Unites Bitter Rivals Lakers and Celtics

It was the late seventies. NBA conference finals were on tape delay and CBS Sports didn't broadcast NBA Finals on live television. Several players throughout the league were caught up in cocaine scandals. The sport was less popular than…

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