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Cheers to Our SFW Gallery of Model Melissa Debling

Model Melissa Debling is one of England's most beloved pin-up girls and one of the most beautiful women ever featured on our site. But we could be accused of bias. We do love blondes with accents. Zoo, Nuts, Loaded, and The Daily Star have…

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The 2010 Mundial Made Larissa Riquelme the Sexiest Fan in the World

Readers, meet Larissa Riquelme, Paraguay’s sexiest futbol fan. In the lead up to the 2010 Mundial, lingerie model and actress Larissa Riquelme caused a worldwide frenzy. After Argentine futbol hero Maradona promised to run naked through…

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The Rules for Dating Colombian Women

The head writer of F&TS is Colombian, by way of New York. His heritage has been a blessing and a curse. There are constant drug dealing stereotypes and negative portrayal of the country's violent civil war. It's hard out here for a…

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