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Which Sport Brawls the Best?

We Don't Get Along, So Let's Get it On. Best Sports Brawls. April is a wacky time for a sports fan. The NFL post-season is over, you just come off the high of March Madness, then you hit a lull. All you got is the start of the MLB season…

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The Seven Best Sports Broadcasters You Should be Listening To

Last week we published Part I of our unscientific ranking of sports broadcasters. We focused on the worst and judging but our traffic and social media engagement, you agreed with our list. We're not full-time haters. Every once in a while,…

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The 8 Worst Sports Broadcasters Right Now (And 7 You Should Be Listening To)

Like Nails on a Chalkboard. It's finally the weekend. You busted your ass on the job all week and now you're going to kick back, pop open a cold one, and watch the big game. But then it happens. That announce team is 'doing' the game and…

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The FIFA World Cup Rankings Are Live

It's one of the fiercest debates in sports. What region plays the best futbol? Our allegiance to Seleccion Colombia makes us biased, but we try to be impartial. Most fans would agree Western Europe and South America plays the best brand of…

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FIFA World Cup 2018 is 120 Days Away

FIFA's 2018 World Cup kicks off on June 14 in Russia. The World Cup draw split 32 teams into eight groups (A-H) in December of last year. After three matches, the two top teams within a group move on to the Round of 16. The last days of…

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US Soccer Fails to Qualify for World Cup

A World Cup Without US Men's Soccer The US Men's Soccer team failed to qualify for the World Cup in Russia and now the long-term viability of the national soccer team is in jeopardy. On Tuesday night, needing only a draw to move on, the…

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