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The Cover Girl Game Face Ad Becomes A Statement to the NFL

The Cover Girl Game Face Ad Take On New Meaning Commissioner Roger Goodell and the NFL are confronting increased public criticism in the aftermath of the Ray Rice domestic violence scandal. Detractors and women's groups are accusing the…

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The Nicki Minaj Ass Debate, Is it Real or Fake?

The first job of F&TS is to help our readers dominate their fantasy sports leagues. But our secondary and tertiary goals are to help our readers unravel the mysteries behind some of pop culture's most perplexing questions. Which…

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The Sexiest WAGS From the NFL, 2014 Edition

Sports Quick, what do Katherine Webb, Ariel Meredith, Lauren Tannehill, and Carmella DeCesare have in common? Well, besides being beautiful, empowered women, they are four of the WAGS from the NFL.  For the unhip, WAGS is an acronym that…

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The Rules for Dating Colombian Women

The head writer of F&TS is Colombian, by way of New York. His heritage has been a blessing and a curse. There are constant drug dealing stereotypes and negative portrayal of the country's violent civil war. It's hard out here for a…

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