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The Wildest NFL Wild Card Weekend (2019)

Dogs Rule! Picking the winners and losers of NFL games is a dicey proposition. Anyone who tells they have a fool-proof system for predicting who will advance to this year's SuperBowl in Atlanta, run in the opposite direction. Except if…

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France Wins the 2018 FIFA World Cup Championship; C’est Bon!

France defeated underdog Croatia to become this year's World Cup Champions. Mbappe became a global phenomenon. The 2018 World Cup in Russia was decided between the heavy underdogs from Croatia and France. 'Les Blues' were a pre-tournament…

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LeSean McCoy Domestic Violence Accusations the Latest Black Eye for NFL

LeSean McCoy is the latest high-profile NFL player implicated in domestic violence. The current Buffalo Bills running back is accused of beating his ex-girlfriend, Delicia Cordon. The exact details are still under investigation by the…

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Joselyn Cano Looks So Good in a Bikini, She’s Launched Her Own Line

Joselyn Cano, our favorite voluptuous vegan model is back with the launch of a swimwear and apparel line. We first profiled Cano as our Lifetime WCW pick in 2015. Three years later, her fame has exploded. Our Cano feature was the most…

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72 Hours into the 2018 World Cup; Social Media Reacts

World Cup 2018 Results; Cristiano > Messi Debate Rages On. The global debate for futbol dominance continues. The next thirty days in Russia could be the last World Cup appearances for Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, these two titans…

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