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FBI Probe into CBB Recruiting Implicates Top Schools

In the last days of February, Yahoo! Sports published an explosive article detailing illegal cash payments made by former NBA agent Andy Miller, Christian Dawkins, and Miller's agency, ASM Sports to college basketball recruits and coaches…

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The Eagles Win! Our Super Bowl Victory Recap

Fly Eagles Fly. The improbable has happened again. The New England Patriots lost their third SuperBowl to an NFC East team. If you picked the Eagles giving the 4 1/2 points you are in the money. We also hope you picked the over because…

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New England Patriots Turmoil Puts Legacy in Jeopardy

The salacious book Fire and Fury has blown the roof off the White House. Now an ESPN report on the New England Patriots is threatening Gilette Stadium the same way. ESPN Senior Writer Seth Wickersham pulls back the curtain on the Super…

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The NFL Playoff Picture Comes Into Focus (2017-18)

One of the wackiest NFL seasons in recent history is over and the NFL playoff intrigue has just started. Six NFL franchises need to hire new head coaches. Eight teams are new to the playoffs compared to last year. Lastly, the Buffalo Bills…

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NFL Week 11 Games; Ain’t Happening Game (2017)

F&TS loves SportsNation on ESPN. Colin Cowherd was tolerable for once and co-hosts including, Michelle Beadle, Charissa Thompson, Max Kellerman, and Marcellus Wiley make us laugh daily. SportsNation's games 'Love or Shove It', 'Too…

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Ranked: Ten Best Centers in the NBA

Size Still Matters. The NBA's biggest offensive threats are no longer dominant centers. Today's best players are smaller, versatile wing players who can break down a defense on their own. Top scorers including, Russell Westbrook, Stephen…

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