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There Are Too Many Shotguns in the NFL, Not Weapons, Formations

NFL Week 3 Observations. I am not a pacifist, but after watching NFL Week 3, offensive schemes across the league need to change immediately. There are too many quarterbacks operating strictly out of the shotgun formation. Offensive…

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The Dumbest NFL Fantasy Football Moves of Week 3 (2014-15)

Genius can be a term that is thrown around way too liberally. My fantasy football buddies and I can be obnoxious, loud, and crude, but we are highly intelligent. Some of my friends read physics books in their spare time. Concurrently, our…

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Mohamed Sanu Is a Better Quarterback Than Andy Dalton

The struggles of Cincinnati Bengals' starting quarterback Andy Dalton and the versatility of one of his prime targets could be causing a quarterback controversy in the locker room. Once again wide receiver Mohamed Sanu is showing he's a…

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Our NFL Fantasy Football League Week 3 Predictions (2014)

Yes we know, we are breaking the rules. We're not supposed to talk about our Fantasy Football league but screw it. We're crunching the numbers and publishing our NFL Fantasy Football predictions for Week 3 of the NFL season. There are two…

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Listen and Watch: Jennifer Lopez f. Iggy Azalea “Booty” Remix

Ms. Jennifer Lopez, the 40-something dynamo, who is currently a judge on American Idol, has been teasing a remix to her single, "Booty" for weeks. Well, the club banger has finally premiered. The Jennifer Lopez remix of "Booty" features…

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Fantasy Football Waiver Wire Transactions for NFL Week 3: Owners Making Moves

Fantasy football, at times, is just a game. Something to do for fun, a prize, or bragging rights amongst friends. But, if you have a competitive streak in you, fantasy football becomes almost a full-time commitment during the NFL season.…

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