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Five Headlines After NFL Preseason Week 1

The NFL kicked off its first full week of preseason games with a marquee matchup between the New York Giants and get this, the Cleveland Browns. After reading that sentence you might think I'm drunk, but the Browns are actually one of the…

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LeSean McCoy Domestic Violence Accusations the Latest Black Eye for NFL

LeSean McCoy is the latest high-profile NFL player implicated in domestic violence. The current Buffalo Bills running back is accused of beating his ex-girlfriend, Delicia Cordon. The exact details are still under investigation by the…

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Our NFL Draft Analysis — The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The Real NFL Draft Analysis. Our long national nightmare is over. No more mock drafts, bogus claims from "sources" close to teams, or Mel Kiper Jr. obsessing over which quarterback will go number one. Now NFL fans can get back to real…

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Which Sport Brawls the Best?

We Don't Get Along, So Let's Get it On. Best Sports Brawls. April is a wacky time for a sports fan. The NFL post-season is over, you just come off the high of March Madness, then you hit a lull. All you got is the start of the MLB season…

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The LA Rams Acquisitions Are Going for Their 15 Minutes of Fame

Rams' Acquisitions Can’t Go Over Budget. The Los Angeles Rams are just the latest franchise trying to dominate the City of Angels. But in a town that’s seen it all, Owner Stan Kroenke and Head Coach Sean McVay must win now. But there may…

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A New York Giants Draft Rebuild On the Fly

Giant Draft Decisions The New York Giants had a nightmarish 2017-18 season. Now it’s up to a new front office to reshape the team roster quickly. Owner John Mara, GM Dave Gettleman, and Head Coach Pat Shurmur want to rebuild as they play…

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