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FFL: League Standings, Week 8 (2014-15)

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You’re Either First or Last.

Tell us if you heard this before. Team Weiss and Team Pablo are in first in their respective conferences again. Team Rich had started believing his own hype and talking a lot of smack coming into the week. But in his matchup against the FTS head writer, he got beaten like he stole something. Maybe next time Rich. Tell your boy to do more research, read our site more often and start better players. If you don’t have better players, hit the waiver wire.

Exclusive footage of Team Marin beating Team Rich.

Who’s Hot?

A small group of owners is riding impressive winning streaks. Team Weiss has won six matchups in a row, followed by Team Brandi (4), Team Velez (3) and Team Marin (2). Two members of the league “core four” are thriving, while the other two simply suck. Congratulations to Team Vega for finally breaking the seal and winning a matchup. Here are the full league standings after eight weeks.

[team_standings 4840]

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