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NFL: Week 5 Fantasy League Predictions (2014)

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Smith Returns to San Francisco.

One of the match-ups we will be keeping an eye on is the KC Chiefs versus the SF 49ers. In our league, it is knowns as The Commish versus The Genius game. Personally, we want both teams can go to hell, but the 49ers fan is our Commissioner, so we have to represent.

FTS West Coast correspondent Mike Hunt will be filing reports from Levi Stadium in between sips of Cabernet Sauvignon paired with aged gouda. When he is not at Levi’s wine tastings, he should be getting propositioned in line for the men’s bathroom. Just kidding of course.

Our Week 5 predictions are:

Team MarindefeatsTeam Corn103-102
The CommishdefeatsTeam Brandi114-110
Team WeissdefeatsTeam Velez97-90
Team RichdefeatsTeam Mario112-90
Team GeorgedefeatsTeam Vega86-76
Team MarinodefeatsTeam Mike & Brian126-97


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