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NFL Highlight: Sammy Watkins Prematurely Celebrates

The touchdown that wasn't. Nice play rookie.

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Think about Baseball.

Bills Rookie WR Sammy Watkins might need to bone up on the “Kama Sutra” because he gets ‘excited’ too early. Watkins just cost himself a long touchdown with some showboating. Fantasy team owners are not going to be happy. Watkins appeared to have beaten the Jets’ secondary for an 89-yard touchdown catch. The bomb from Bills’ QB Kyle Orton would have been the biggest play of his young career.

Instead, Watkins started celebrating about 20 yards too early. Saalim Hakim of the New York Jets didn’t give up on the play and made a diving tackle after Watkins raised his arm in celebration. Nice move rookie. What a douche.

Credit: SBNation

Joins an Infamous Club

Watkins seems to be a talented rookie, but he’s going to be known for this embarrassing celebration. We expect the gaffe to be included in all the Sports Hall of Shame, Jeers of the Year, and greatest sports bloopers of all-time lists. Other illustrious players and plays in the Hall include…Leon Lett’s fumble in Super Bowl XXVII, DeSean Jackson’s intentional fumble before getting into the end zone, and Swaggy P turning his back to the ball after shooting a three he thought he made.

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