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Tehmeena Afzal: Her Giants Pride on Full Display

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Tehmeena Afzal is why we love New York City. The “Pakistani Princess,” as she is known on social media, grew up in Queens, NY. She works in car sales on Long Island. Where else would we have access to a woman with such a rich ethnic background who is such a hardcore sports fan? Lucky for us, the Tehmeena Afzal is always proud to show off her loyalty to New York Mets and the New York Giants. The apparel of the Mets, New York Rangers, and the New York Giants have blessed the dangerous curves of Miss Meena. It’s apparent she has great taste. Those three franchises are personal favorites of F&TS.

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Tehmeena Loves the NY Giants Too

Afzal emigrated to the U.S. after her parents married in their native Pakistan. She grew up in Queens (“NY until I die!”) as a self-described tomboy. Afzal is extremely athletic. In high school, she was an All-City player, an All-State player softball player. The city also named her Female Athlete of the Year 2000. Thanks to those accolades, Afzal earned a full scholarship to pitch for the New York Institute of Technology softball team. She graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Fine Art/Graphics.

We have our own opinions about what makes Afzal so striking, but she had a simpler response. It’s “my face. It always keeps people trying to figure out what my ethnicity is.” She added, [I am] a 10 on the sexy scale. “Sexy is about attitude and mine, rocks!” Her sex drive is, on a scale of 1 to 10, a 15! “My sex drive is insane. I have to have it at least once a day. Sometimes it gets to a point where my man has to tell me he needs a break.”

Tehmeena, we are not complaining. Good luck on all her future projects and you are officially on our radar. We created a gallery from her New York Giants-themed photoshoot. Enjoy.


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