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Free Agent Robert Griffin III Caught in Jets Big Game of Chicken

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Jets seem to be Crushing on RGIII

Before I get accused of making a bad joke about African-American’s supposed love of chicken, my headline refers to free agent QB Robert Griffin III’s visit to the New York Jets ON Friday night. East Coast First and Ten Sports correspondent Dick Burns reported RGIII went out to dinner with HC Todd Bowles. Burns couldn’t confirm who picked up the check and who made the walk the shame, (just kidding, of course.)

Gang Green Can’t Solve QB Puzzle

We love laughing at Gang Green’s annual misery but their pursuit of a starting quarterback is ridiculous. On the one hand, the Jets are playing hardball with Ryan Fitzpatrick, the journeymen whose beard is more impressive than his QB rating. Are we being too harsh about Fitz? Ask the Rams, Bengals, Bills, Titans and Houston Texans about the bearded QB.

On the other hand is RGIII, once, the most promising young QBs in the league, reduced to being leverage in salary negotiations. Tragic. No matter the hire, who the GM signs and what offense they run, without a franchise QB, no championships.

Here are some of Jets recent QB failures:

We are excited to see the Jets “F” up their quarterback situation. It looks like another season of the same ol’ Jets. Oh, the pain.

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