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NFL: Week 1 Fantasy Projections (2015-16)

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Oldest NFL Rivals Kickoff Sunday.

The Green Bay Packers face their longtime rivals, the Chicago Bears on Sunday afternoon. Plus the Cowboys and New York Giants face off in the nightcap. More importantly, fantasy football Week 1 matchups begin in earnest. We’ll see if all that hard work in the draft will make sense. Let’s take a look at ESPN’s projections in our league matchups.


We know projections are not 110% accurate, but they make for fun trash talk leading up to NFL Sunday. Good luck teams.

Team CorntiesTeam Marin87-87
Team VelezdefeatsTeam Brandi111-87
Team WeissdefeatsTeam Rich102-76
The CommishdefeatsTeam Wright91-88
Team JacktiesTeam Vega95-95
Team MarinodefeatsTeam Kevin92-74
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