I get it, fashion is subjective. Professional athletes are wearing crazy outfits in order to go viral. However Mr. Newton, what were you thinking with that hat? The trend towards vintage, old-fashioned or the times of yore is just ridiculous and out of hand. Why would a dual threat QB

Hate to Brag. This is a Public Service Announcement (PSA) to my competition. You can do some research or give me the fantasy football trophy now. I could be happy to sit back on the 155 points I earned in week one, but I’m trying to help out the public.

Remember, there are a few ways to watch tonight’s NFL matchup between the 0-1 Jets vs. the winless Bills at Orchard Park. The game will be broadcast live on CBS, The NFL Network and can be streamed on Twitter. Five Keys to the Matchup Desperate Times/Desperate Measures – The Jets and the Bills are

Stick to Watching Football. Margins of victory in season long fantasy football leagues are slim and typically losing comes down to those 1 or 2 moves you didn’t make to secure the victory. Here at First and Ten Sports, we celebrate those moves, especially when I destroyed my competition with 155

Back up the Ambulance Victory or defeat, covering the number or protests of the national anthem…the biggest story of each week in the NFL continues to be injuries to key players. Let’s face it, football is a combat sport and players get jacked up quicker than a degenerate gambler who

I’m Sorry Son, It’s Over. The final cut day before Week 1 of the NFL regular season usually results in some shocking moves. Given the current size of team rosters, the pressure on teams to win now and the huge salaries dedicated to top draft picks and free agents, cut