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The NFL Shield is Showing Cracks

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Self-Inflicted Wounds.

Yes, we know, pro football is still the most popular in the U.S, (A 2014 Harris poll found that around 32% of U.S. adults said pro football was their favorite sport), but with the league’s continued scandals, bad PR, and negative opinions from detractors, that ranking could be in jeopardy. Let’s take a look at the NFL’s most recent damaging situations.

Harris Poll 2014 | For the Win | USA Today

Former Vikings WR Cris Carter

Video of the HOF wide receiver went public this week and it severely damages his reputation. Carter, who had his own battles with substance abuse during his playing career, spoke at an NFL Rookie Symposium and make ill-advised and controversial statements. In the video, Carter advised rookies that if they plan to “do dirt,” they need to find a “fall guy” who is willing to take the wrap. What the f%^k? Not only is the statement unacceptable and dumb, Carter is an NFL analyst for ESPN. There goes his credibility.

Jeremy Woo | Sports Illustrated | Cris Carter (l.) and Warren Sapp (R.) speaking at an NFL Symposium


We’ve written extensively about Tom Brady and the shrunken balls, but suffice it to say that the NFL can’t figure out how to punish the player or his team. If you recall, the Patriots have a history of cheating and continue to operate as if nothing happened. Debate it all you want, the bottom line, the Pats did something wrong and in order for the league to move on, they need to make sure the Patriots pay the consequences for trying to play by their own set of rules again.



NY Jets DT Sheldon Richardson

Driving in excess of 140 mph, a loaded weapon and a 12-year old in the backseat. For a player already facing a four-game suspension for failing a drug test, this is more than one bad night. Richardson is one of the latest players whose off the field behavior is hurting the league. Add him to the list of Adrian Peterson, Ray Rice, and Richie Incognito and others.

TMZ Sports

Bad news on top of bad news. If there wasn’t so much money being generated for team owners, the league would be in an even bigger mess. Goodell has got a lot of work to do.

Image courtesy of NFL.com


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