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World Series Hangover: There is No Joy in ‘Metsville’

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A New York Mets World Series Was Close, But It Only Counts in Horseshoes.

We have to admit, The Mets’ World Series loss gave us a serious hangover. So did the bottle of Hudson Baby Bourbon we polished off after the series ended. The staff delayed posting new content to the site due to depression. Our upcoming fantasy football draft, a new NFL season and opening week of the NBA season did not excite us. But, we took some uppers (triple espressos) and are back in the saddle. Thanks for understanding and your patience.

Crying Jordan Meme at Citi Field | Image courtesy of @DanGnajerle

Laughing Hides the Tears

The best way to deal with pain is to laugh, so they say. Our esteemed Commissioner was kind enough to point us to some of the internet’s best memes about the 2015 Mets. Plus, the commissioner was a total “G” and got us in for Game 3 against the Royals. Some additional memes can be viewed on TotalProSports.com. Our feature image was created by First and Ten Sports inspired by Mic’s article.


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