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Mystery Booty Wins MoneyMaker Monday, Week 9 (2014-15)

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Who’s Dat Ass?

Guess what, when Team Marin wins MoneyMaker Monday (MMM,) the whole league wins. We wish we knew who this beautiful woman was. We would love to acknowledge her nearly perfect backside. Unfortunately, the FTS research team has come up empty. The closest hit we could track down is a comment stream on funkyjunk.com about the image. But there was no ID in the stream. Congratulations if this is your ass. You deserve a medal. If you know who’s ass is that, let us know.

Until we track that ass down, enjoy getabooty on Instagram for some additional motivation.

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The MoneyMaker Monday winner is selected by the unbiased editorial team of FTS. Each owner selects a beautiful model’s image as their fantasy team’s photo.

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