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Chandra is ‘Deelishis’ and Our MoneyMaker Monday Winner, Week 5

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Deelishis is Yummy.

Team Weiss is this week’s winner of MMM for nominating the mocha-skinned queen, Chandra “Deelishis” Davis as his team ambassador. Deelishis, aka London Charles, is best known as the Season 2 winner of the VH-1 reality show, Flavor of Love. Since her win, Davis has become an in-demand urban model, Detroit radio personality, and a mother. Not too bad for someone who competed to hook up with Public Enemy’s Flava Flav. Team Weiss may have had some early technical difficulties, but he finally got his team logo game together.

Look Back at Deelishis Booty

Davis spoke with VH1 about her booty, what most fans would consider her best asset. VH1: I’m glad you brought that booty up – you know big butts are everywhere. Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj get a lot of credit for that but you were sporting your butt long before. What do you make of the trend?

Deelishis: I mean I was born with it and back in my day, when I was in high school it was called being fat and by the time I got to college it was considered being “thick.” Now, as an adult, it’s considered “phat” with a P-H. Back in the Flavor of Love days, it was great that even then someone with my shape could be in a winning position.

I like to think that I paved the way for lots of women and made it something that was accepted. Not only was it accepted but it was embraced…  Nicki Minaj was doing an interview with Funkmaster Flex and he said, “You gotta be the number one butt in the world, who would you say number two was,” and she replied, “Deelishis.” I smiled, I was pretty honored by that!”


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