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Dolly Castro is our MoneyMaker Monday Winner, Week 11

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Hello Dolly.

The winner is Team Vega for selecting Dolly Castro. Castro is the owner of DC Couture Clothing as well as a model, actress, fashion designer, and fitness enthusiast. She is one hot business mogul. Not only is her own ‘Money Maker’ spectacular, but she’s a legit money maker. Castro hails from Nicaragua and attended law school before transitioning to modeling. To see more shots of Castro, follow her on Instagram.

Dolly Castro | Pinterest

Castro told mxymag.com in an interview, [I’m] like “something out of a great porn scene, I’m a real performer,” in the bedroom. Also, if the Latina had to date a superhero, it would be Superman. Why? Because “he is always helping everyone and he has a great body.”

Rules of the Game

Our MMM rules are simple. Post hottest SFW image of a model to your team page. The FTS editorial team then selects the most beautiful female ambassador of the week and publishes a post every Monday.

Dolly Castro | Superhero
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