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LeSean McCoy Domestic Violence Accusations the Latest Black Eye for NFL

The RB is accused of assaulting his girlfriend, steroid abuse, and child abuse. Warning: Graphic image enclosed.

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LeSean McCoy is the latest high-profile NFL player implicated in a domestic violence incident. The current Buffalo Bills running back is accused of beating his ex-girlfriend, Delicia Cordon. The exact details of the incident are still under investigation by the authorities. But the allegations read like a bad Hollywood script. Cordon’s friends and family accused McCoy of orchestrating the invasion of the Atlanta residence where Cordon lived. She was struck in the face multiple times with a firearm and locked in a closet during the invasion.

Cordon shared a picture of her visit to London on social media. Image courtesy of Heavy.com

A graphic image of Cordon in the aftermath of the assault was posted on social media. The image caption made further allegations against McCoy, including pet and child abuse. McCoy is also accused of abusing steroids. If true, the domestic violence accusations made against LeSean McCoy are vile and plain evil. McCoy’s NFL playing career should be over and he needs to be brought to justice.

Silence by Everyone is Wrong

The NFL tries to portray itself as a good corporate citizen committed to combating domestic violence. But the league’s efforts have failed miserably. Remember the Ray Rice fiasco. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell was forced to take action in the Rice case after negative press overwhelmed the league office. Goodell was hoping that more swift action by the league would convince players to clean up their acts. But after a decline in the number of arrests of NFL players in 2016, illegal player conduct is back on the rise. There have been 18 arrests involving NFL players so far and the year isn’t over.

Visualization of USA Today NFL player arrest database (2013-18).

The NFL isn’t vocal enough against its players’ misconduct and we wish the people around Ms. Cordon were more vocal about McCoy’s allegedly abusive behavior. Since news broke of the DV incident, the Big Lead reported McCoy filed court papers to evict Delicia Cordon from his Milton, Georgia home. There’s a real probability that this violent attack will devolve into a ‘he said, she said’ about marriage plans, broken promises, and relationship drama. That’s not the real story. Look at Cordon image closely. She was the victim of a vicious beating. If McCoy was involved in the attack in any way, he should lose his privilege to play professional football immediately and be arrested.

The Denial

McCoy posted his denial to social media. The Bills have responded to the allegations but very quietly. Dianna Russini of ESPN reported the Bills are looking into the allegations. Way to be proactive Bills Mafia!

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