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Why ESPN’s Adam Schefter Gets Paid the Big Bucks

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Props to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, one of the most reliable insiders covering the NFL. He broke a huge story on Denver Broncos QB Peyton Manning. Manning was playing the last month of the season with a torn right quad. The FTS head writer has been a Public Relations Specialist for a few years and his instincts tell him Schefter had this scoop weeks ago. We believe Schefter held onto the story until the Monday after the Broncos last loss of the season. He did it out of respect to his Broncos sources.


The Story Behind the Story

How did we come to this conclusion? In case you didn’t know, before working for ESPN, Adam Schefter was a Broncos beat reporter for both the Rocky Mountain News and The Denver PostHe nurtured reliable sources in Colorado that he still uses today. Injury news doesn’t break in a day. Examinations take time, team personnel knows and trainers know. Famous people can’t keep a low profile when they are admitted to hospitals.

Should Schefter have broken the story when he had it? Would Manning’s poor play over the last few weeks be easily explained by the news? Sure, but then Schefter could no longer do his job. Journalists make tough decisions every day. Now that the news is out, the Broncos have an easier decision about Manning’s future with the team.

Update: Head Coach John Fox and the Denver Broncos have agreed to mutually part ways.

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